Wrx-BI captures accurate data from any source live, or at specified time intervals, reducing or eliminating errors at source

Wrx-BI starts by understanding the problem so that we only collect the data we need to return value to the business

IoT sensors tracking equipment performance
Machine Learning preventing failures before they happen
Eliminating equipment do

WrxBI tells you real-time how your process is performing and you can track progress to closure to extract maximum value. By Engaging cross functional teams to act on the data as events arise ​​WrxBI also allows you act on problems before they arise

Data is cleansed and shaped to make the output more valuable and responsive allowing high quality real-time analysis and predictive analytics​

WRX-BI links all the other WRX modules giving you clear KPI’s and Actions.

A clear and easy user interface eliminates the need for whiteboards and temporary notes driving clear actions to enable continuous business improvement

Run your operations meetings using Wrx-BI. Wrx-BI will capture Quality & Safety alerts and track accountability and ownership of issues until they are resolved. You can also track attendance by meeting or department. Wrx-Visual is customisable to suit your business requirements.

From Whiteboards to Smart-Digital-Boards Wrx-BI replaces your whiteboards to bring you real-time updates on your KPIs.

Wrx-BI allows your team to participate in meetings from wherever they are, receive their actions and follow-ups directly to their inbox, indeed you can run several meeting from the same platform


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